SO CHEER - Cheer for Special Olympics

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Dynamite (Large Group Routine for Chicago)

Teaching Videos:

     - Crouching Details

     - Introduction (Palm branch ripple)

     - Party Rock "Muscles"

     - Celebrate "Rolls"

     - Move It "Digs"

     - Marching sequence teaching

     - Marching sequence lines crossing

     - Move It "Pony"

     - Dynamite routine to music

     - Coach's cues:   Party Rock (Liberty Cheer, Iowa)

                                 Celebrate (Cheer Alliance, Joy)

                                 Move It (Explosive Allstar, Calvert

                                               Starz, Notre Dame)

Note on coach's cues:  

These videos are done unmirrored.  So, if the athlete raises their right arm, the cue video also uses the right arm.  For cueing, you should mirror- use the arm on the same side on your TV/computer, not the same arm (in other words, don't flip it in your head!)