SO CHEER - Cheer for Special Olympics

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Field of Play Performances

These routines will be done on the field of play during halftime or between games. There are 4 sets of choreography, each adapted to 4 different songs, giving you 16 routines to choose from. You can choose to do one set of choreography to more than 1 song, or 3 totally different routines. Please coordinate your choices with the SO Cheer scheduler so that we can ensure that the same song is not played repeatedly in any venue.

Spreadsheet with information about routines

Basic SO Cheer Field of Play Performance Repertoire:

Link to Party Rock Page

Link to Move It page

Link to Fly page

Link to Celebrate page

Major Event/Closing Ceremony Routines: (Check before you teach these!!)

Link to Heartbeat page (Chicago)

Link to One World page (Abu Dhabi)